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Virtual Servers

Using server virtualisation enables us to divide a larger server up into more, smaller slices. These Virtual Servers (sometimes called Virtual Private Servers) each have their own dedicated resources, but share the same physical hardware, but with security that means they cannot access the resources of another VPS.

Many websites hosted on the internet don't require a full server to themselves, users sharing allows the costs to a customer to be reduced. This is where Virtual Servers come in; they allow you the control and power of a dedicated server without the price tag.

All our virtual servers run on our own private cluster of machines, giving you reliability in case of hardware failure, no one single machine failure will take down your server.

Virtual Private Servers

Our Virtual Servers all come with:

If you are not confident with server management, we can manage it for you. Applying updates and setting up any needed services or configuration options that you may require. Just let us know.